Hejdå Norrdans!

And once again, after three wonderful months in Sweden, it’s time to hop on the plane back home. As always, It has been such a pleasure working with Norrdans and I cannot wait to come back here in November.

Here’s a little review of these past three months’ activities.

It all started off with a re-premiere of Sasha Pepelyaev's piece „School for Fools“. Based on a Russian novel, this performance had initially been created in 2008 for a young audience. Since then „School for Fools“ has been touring in many schools around Västernorrland. Together with my dearest fools, as I like to call them, Yann and Kevin, I had the honor to be part of „School for Fools“’ fourth cast.

After six weeks of learning and adapting the piece with the choreographer Sasha, who had come all the way from Russia, and our lovely rehearsal director Andrea, we had a fun tour including a short stop at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm. Most probably my personal highlight!

Next to performing for school kids aged between 7 and 12 years, we also got to teach many workshops to our young audience. These workshops included a short warm-up, learning some easy dance phrases from the show, a little bit of improvisation and last but not least a short Q & A. The kids could ask questions about the performance, about what it means to be a professional dancer and any other personal things they wanted to know. All in all a truly heart-warming experience with plenty of giggles. It was amazing to spend a bit more time with the audience and get such direct feedback! Saying goodbye to this show and its great team has definitely not been easy.

Pictures by Lia Jacobi / Norrdans

Once we were done with the „School for Fools“ tour, the next great surprise was waiting around the corner. Norrdans was invited to perform Mari Carrasco’s piece „Black Forest“ at the dance festival „Zeitanz Tanzeit“ in Chur, Switzerland. Black Forest was created in 2016, when I was an apprentice with the company. The dance festival was a great way for me to get back into it and „hopper, ruller, springer“ (jump, roll and run) through our forest again, as Mari would say. What a blast to be back on stage with my kick-ass colleagues! I cannot wait to bring back this energetic piece coming autumn!

Next to performing, we also had some time to explore Chur, which is a picturesque small city in the middle of the Swiss alps. It almost felt like being back home in Austria and the weather was so great! Up until then, the Swedish spring had been letting us down quite a bit, which is why we all enjoyed the warmer temperatures and lush green nature even more.

Picture by Mari Carrasco

Last but not least, Yann, Fanny and me had a very special task: We had to create several short pieces for a chamber music concert in a big church at Sundsvall’s Kammermusikfestivalen. I had never choreographed on chamber music before, neither had I performed in a church on stone floor, which made it an exciting challenge. After two weeks of creation time, the day of the performance had come and I must say that it was a beautiful experience. Both live music and location did their magic - I had goosebumps multiple times throughout our performance. What a fantastic way to end this three-month period of dancing, teaching and creating together with such inspiring people!

Pictures by Mira Helenius Martinsson / Norrdans

Thank you for everything and see you soon, Norrdans!

Getting ready for Sundsvalls Kammermusikfestivalen

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